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Renodo Supplier - Hanex Malaysia
Renodo Supplier - Hanex Malaysia

Now in Malaysia Korea branded Hanex 100% acrylic solid surface. Authorised distributor in Malaysia. Hanex® Solid Surfaces is an ideal hygienic material for kitchens and bathrooms due to its resistance to heat, moisture, pollutants, bacteria and other harmful agents. With wide selection of colors and design applications, Hanex® can transform any space into a beautiful environment. The unlimited design flexibility of Hanex® makes it a perfect material for commercial applications. Residential Kitchen benchtops with integrated sinks and splashbacks, bathroom benchtops & vanities with integrated bowls, door sills, bath & shower surrounds, interior wall cladding, stairs, lighting & objects of art. Commercial Office / hospitality and medical counters & benchtops, reception desks, bathroom benchtops and vanities, tabletops, food preparation areas, commercial fitouts including expressed and seamless wall cladding, lift & foyer surrounds, lighting and more... Enjoy the benefits of this richly colored, durable, seamless surface that is also : • Rich colors and textures • Easy to fabricate and install with inconspicuous seams • Scratch and stain resistant - easily maintained • Highly durable - stronger than stone • Resistant to heat, mould, pollutants and bacteria • Environmentally friendly - renewable and repairable • Backed by 10 years limited warranty • Safe - tested and Certified by NSF and Greenguard HANEX 丰富的色彩组合和色调,质地,带给您无尽的设计空间 HANEX 其外形美观,耐用。设计灵活, 以及颜色的多样性,成为商业应用石材首选。 HANEX 是通过结合丙烯酸树脂和天然材料精心制作而成的,在加工过程中可以轻易弯曲成形,可用大多数标准锯现场进行切割。颜色和图案种类繁多, 是理想的装饰建材,适应一系列的设计要求。 HANEX由于其不渗漏,故可多应用于卫生条件要求较高的地方,如厨房,医院,实验室,游戏室,学校,公共休息室等工作区区域。 至今该产品在美国和欧洲地区获得NSF,USGBC,SCS等各种环保认证,同时还通过了被NSF51 专为食物准备区所做的认证。 HANEX 的无限设计灵魂性,使您能够在任何商业领域创造一个美观大方的视觉效果,无论是医院,餐厅,酒店等。除此以外,其还被广泛应用 在有美观无缝墙体的商业设备,电梯和大堂区域,灯具和更多商业领域中。

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Renodo Supplier - Hanex Malaysia


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