Enjoy a worry-free renovation protected by RENODO PROJECT+

We’ll help you combat these renovation worries

Get Match with 3 recommended contractors immediately

• Easy & convenient process. Upon giving us a suitable appointment date, we will schedule 3 teams to visit you at your property within 3 days.

3rd party quotations inspection & comparison

• RENODO will review the quotations you received and compare them for you.

Secured progressive payment

• Your renovation payment will go through our Payment Protections.

Renovation protection(warranty & insurance)

• All projects over RM30K are protected with insurance. Renovation warranty applies to all renovation projects.

Renovation delay penalty.

• Late penalty applies to your chosen contractor when project is delayed.

RENODO Guarantee

No more unreliable contractors

We handpick and recommend only SSM registered contractors so you’ll always work with a reliable professional. We keep a record of their director’s identification as well as past renovation portfolios so you can easily choose your preferred contractor based on verified user reviews and “Before and After” photos.

RENODO Warranty

No more renovation eyesores

We help you manage post-project maintenance issues such as unsatisfactory workmanship and material quality, unexpected defects, and poor installations for up to 365 days or more so you can always be assured your renovation experience is exactly the way you want it to be - or better.

RENODO Project Protection

No more risky renovations

We provide obligated insurance by Great Eastern for projects more than RM 30,000.00 with a unique combination of the Contractor’s All Risk Policy and the public liability policy so you can rest assured your renovation is protected against water damage, collapse, defects, and more.

RENODO Payment Protection

No more payment problems

We assure you of a safe payment process to reduce your risk of losing invested money to a contractor. We help you release your payments to your Hired Contractor in smaller stages and hold the final payment for 30 days so you’ll always maintain a higher negotiation power.

What to expect

Your worry-free renovation process

We help you achieve an easy home renovation experience exclusive to users who hire contractors via our platform, following a request for quotation.

We strive to uphold the experience of home renovation and standby our handpicked pool of contractors and interior designers. The PROJECT+ is exclusive to homeowners who hires contractor on our platform, following a request for quotation.

Do keep in mind that homeowners who contact the contractors directly and deal without payment through RENODO will not be eligible.

RENODO Guarantee

RENODO Guarantee ensures you’ll always be connected to a SSM registered contractor. In the event that your Hired Contractor delays your project commencement, a penalty will be applied to your Hired Contractor based on this failure-to-meet deadline penalty:

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A commencement and completion date for the works will be specified clearly prior to the initial of your payment, as we will request for this document from your contractor to apply for PROJECT+.

RENODO Warranty

RENODO Warranty is valid for up to 365 days or more, after which RENODO will not be liable for any further maintenance work. The length of renovation warranty depends on your project’s category, with exclusion of electrical appliances, exterior landscaping, interior design, painting, and others. Any ongoing dispute or claim should be raised before the lapsed period.

The final confirmation of warranty length will be decided upon inspection by your Hired Contractor. Warranty length may vary according to agreeable variables decided between you and your Hired Contractor. The contractor may not be liable if the defective materials are supplied by third-party suppliers sourced by you.

RENODO Warranty ensures all participating contractor provides maintenance up to 365 days or more for works such as:

• Fixing construction and/or building mistakes
• Touching up visible defects and damages
• Rectifying inappropriate or poor installations
• Replacing defective materials and workmanship

RENODO Project Protection

We provide renovation projects valued more than RM 30,000.00 with an obligated renovation insurance coverage up to RM 500,000.00 provided by

It is an exclusive insurance with a unique combination of benefits from Contractor’s All Risk policy and public liability policy.

The RENODO Project Protection covers the project from:
• Fire & lightning
• Water damage, flood, storm & tempest
• Collapse, collision, impact damage & landslide
• Burglary & theft
• Malicious acts
• Dropping or falling of objects
• Damage due to defects in material, bad workmanship
• Accidental bodily injury or illness of 3rd party
• Accidental loss/damage to property belonging to 3rd party

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RENODO Payment Protection

RENODO Payment Protection is designed to give you the higher negotiation power against your Hired Contractor. We want to protect you against losing invested money to a contractor by releasing payment in smaller stages so you’ll always know your Hired Contractor is meeting your expectations. In the event that your Hired Contractor is a no-show and is un-contactable, RENODO Payment Protection helps secure all your future payments.

'How it works:

You will be required to submit payment to your Hired Contractor via RENODO in the plan as per below:

Initial Stage Mid Stage Completion
30% 40% 30%

Initial Stage Mid Stage Completion Final Payment
20% 40% 30% 10%

Initial Stage

The Initial Stage is the first stage for renovation where you will be required to make a payment to commence the project. The Initial Stage mainly involves:

You Hired Contractor
•Make Initial Stage payment calculated from 30% of total project cost. •Purchase of raw material
•Assembling his crew to begin project
•Delivery of raw materials and equipment to renovation site
•Protection & Demolition

At this stage, Only 20% of your payment is released to your Hired Contractor. The next stage of payment will only be released once the current stage has completed.

Mid Stage

The Mid Stage is where the renovation is in-progress and at least 50% of specified works are completed. The Mid Stage mainly involves:

You Hired Contractor
•Make Mid Stage payment calculated from 40% of total project cost. •Completed rough framing
•Completed rough-ins (pipes, ducts, and wires)
•Completed insulation and/or air sealing
•Completed closing walls (drywall installation and finishing)

Final Payment Stage

The Final Payment Stage mainly concerns your Hired Contractor. At this stage, RENODO PROJECT+ still holds your final 10% and will only release the final 10% of the full payment 1 month (30 days) after Completion Stage if there you have no further issues with your renovation.

You Hired Contractor
•Check that Hired Contractor has done all their specified works accordingly. •Make amendments to any complaints or issues raised by you.

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