10 Bathroom design ideas you'd want to copy right away

Enviable bathroom designs that will inspire or maybe even kickstart the renovation to create the dream bath that you always wanted!

10 Bathroom design ideas you'd want to copy right away  | Renodo

We can’t deny how satisfying it feels to prep, wash and groom ourselves in an insta-worthy bathroom of our dreams. The bathroom, just like the kitchen and the living room, is a practical space that deserves plenty of attention when the times comes for a redecoration or a complete overhaul. Being one of the hardest spaces to remodel, choosing a brand new look isn’t always easy or possible in most cases. Nevertheless, there is without a doubt that bathrooms should take top priority as it is a space where a lot of time is spent putting on “our face” during our morning routine before heading out into the world or washing off the world’s troubles before getting a good night’s rest! Even if the blueprints don’t change, you can choose and amplify your strategy to create a brand new space that you’ll be proud of.


From luxurious built-in tubs, bohemian outdoor showers, generous floor space and sleek showers- revamping your bathroom to suit your style and needs can make a big difference to the comfort you feel in your own home.


  1. Bright, pastel and airy: Creek Pass residence by Grace Hill Design.



Fly right through your morning routine in bright and serene or lighter and lively hues when choosing your paint or colour palette. Natural light is an advantage to any bathroom, but if that is not available, sticking to lighter or brighter and livelier shades in your bathroom will make your space seem larger with a fresh personality. A perfect solution if you feel your bathroom is a little too snug or spatially challenged.


2. High-quality, compact and sculptural fixtures: Lake Tahoe Family House by Jennifer Robin Interiors.


One advantage of small bathrooms is that since the space is so small, you can easily get away with splurging on slightly more expensive fixtures and materials. Go big, in a small way. Small details can really create a big impact in such a small space and your powder room will be the place to treat yourself as pictured above. If minimalism is your go-to look in your house, opt for compact, sculptural fixtures to match your house’s streamlined look or togive it a sophisticated edge


3. Black mosaic floors and a pedestal sink: Cobble Hill Townhouse by Jenny Wolf.


Another place to splurge on, are high quality or intricate mosaic tiles and a fancy pedestal sink to really pull the bathroom’s look together. Top off your look with brass or burnished gold details as pictured above, even better if you’ve got a club-foot bathtub to soak in after a long day.


4. Streamlined and neat: Travertine bathroom renovated by Quincoces-Drago’ & Partners in Rome, Italy. Instagram: Quincocesdrago.


Cut back on anything that juts out and choose in-built hidden storage, not only can this help maximise your floor space but you wouldn’t want to obstruct any natural light or worse, inflict any hazard on bathroom users. Another secret to making a cramped bathroom seem bigger, reflect the space with mirrors and going curbless for your shower stalls can really help to open up the space.


5. Dark moody floors with tons of natural light: North Fitzroy House by Studio Dimpat


6. Hyper-pigmented walls in your favourite colour: El Fenn Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco.



Bathrooms with plenty of natural light filtering in from an open window or skylight would be a great place for experimental homeowners who like abit of fun to try ultra-pigmented shades or go ultra dark. Even better, this trend whether you like it dark and moody or loud and bright, can work even for bathrooms that are cramped in space as pictured above- because it takes up a small part of your house, you can play with colours and schemes that you otherwise wouldn’t dare attempt in any other parts of the house!


7. Easy and effective spa-like outdoor shower: Rendering by Interior Designer, Ekaterina Filippova. Instagram: Katya_fill.

Who doesn’t love spas. The bathroom is not just classified into a toilet, sink and shower but a sanctuary. Easily add spa-like influences into your bathroom to ease into your day— fixtures make all the difference. From the type of tiles, rain shower or oversized showerheads and simple accessories like even a trolley or a rustic wooden stool can remind you of your last holiday to Bali. Adding a new tile or upgrading your faucets is a relatively simple remedy to revamping the entire look of your bathroom— create an illusion of an outdoor shower indoors by simply installing wooden floorboard inserts into your shower stall surrounded by pristine,white pebbles as pictured above.


8. White, crisp and minimalist: Haus W by architect, Ian Shaw in Frankfurt, Germany.


Another spa inspiration is white on white that just reminisces of days at the beach. The look is timeless, clean and crisp and perfect for setting the tone of the day. Glass shower screens aren’t just sleek, modern and hygienic, it also creates the illusion of space as it does not create a visual barrier the moment you enter your bathroom. Shower screens also allow more natural light to flow through the space.


9. White with mixed textures of burnished copper and marble:  MK2 House by Canny Design in Brighton, Australia.


However, opting for a contemporary bathroom can feel bare and at worst, cold. Achieve a modern zen sanctuary by playing off the crispness of the white interiors with decorative pieces and fixtures in sophisticated yet natural materials that age gracefully like wood, burnished copper or unbleached linen. For homeowners who do not like a lot of colour, you can opt to mix different textures and materials instead as pictured above and below. Opting for a white layout is versatile.  By mixing in   “warmer” choices like  sheer textiles and wicker baskets alongside brushed steel furnishings, you can inject a rustic warmth to complete the look.


10: Off-white and cream with mixed textures of sheer fabrics and earthy elements: Southern California home by Atelier AM in California, USA.


When designing or redecorating a bathroom, remember to look beyond the space and constantly ask yourself— does the space reflect the style of the rest of the house? Does it fully serve ALL my purposes? Although it isn’t essential to match the furnishings to the colour scheme, planning goes a long way and remember, sometimes it is necessary to focus on the small details to reflect the size of the space— the smaller the space, the more attention to detail it requires. Even if it means splurging a little.