Renodo's guide to living room decorating

Renodo's Do's & Don'ts of living room decorating

Renodo's guide to living room decorating | Renodo

True to its name, there’s no dispute that a living room is one of the most important spaces of our house to serve a plethora of our needs. Whether you’re a big family, bachelor or bachelorette, we all spend a bulk of their time in our living rooms whether its winding down, nursing a hangover food coma or entertaining loved ones. When it comes to living room revamping, it pays to plan. Although it seems at first like a steep mountain to climb, here are some pointers to nudge you along the way to make sure your most utilized space achieves the aesthetic it deserves and one that you can truly feel at ease in.

1. Furniture arrangement


A common but no less tricky snag any home enthusiast will face when looking for a change but never fear, furniture arrangement just requires a little more planning than most aspects of the living room.



  • Push your furniture against the walls in an attempt to create more floor space. It only highlights the lack of floor space or the overabundance of it.
  • Don’t settle for less either. Although it's tempting to drive to the nearest store to score the best deal for a 5-seater sofa, surveying for the right furniture piece or set is well worth the effort and wait. You’d still want to be sitting on that couch 5 years down the line.



  • Create interesting yet intimate conversation areas by arranging sofas, armchairs and ottomans of varying sizes.  Furniture of different sizes can break up the tedium of the seating area ideal for both sleepy afternoon conversations or early morning starts over coffee. 
  • Pay attention to the focal point of attention of the room and the traffic flow. For example, you would want to avoid a settee arrangement that requires your guests to complete the Tour de France before settling into an armchair or a comfortable seat.

2. Lighting


Lighting is often a much neglected element in home decor but the versatility of the many options available on the market now do carve out plenty of room for home owners to play in their decorating enthusiasm.



  • Rely just on overhead wall fixtures in white lighting just like every room in the house. A big no-no.



  • List down the chief functions that you want your living room to serve. You may sample across three main types of lighting namely, ambient, task and accent lighting. Do consider mixing it up, playing between overhead lighting, table lamps and floor lamps made available at different levels throughout the living room. You’ll soon find that being able to switch between a reading lamp for your cozy nights in to a warm radiant light when receiving guests is a luxury you should’ve afforded yourself way sooner.


3. Rugs



  • Be stubborn when it comes to rugs. Using an area rug that’s too small for their living room is the single most common mistake people make in their home decor which can make a room look disjointed.


  • Pick an ideal sized rug for your main living room space that can accommodate your sitting area’s furniture while leaving about 10 to 20 inches of bare floor between the rug area and the walls of the room. Rugs inject warmth and introduces a novel texture into the scheme. Ideally, you can consider two area rugs for a very large living area.


4. Decorative Art & Textures




Be afraid to decorate with patterns.  

  • Do not overdo it with the throw pillows on the couch to avoid the hassle of removing them before lounging on your couch or recliner.
  • Jauntily or haphazardly hang paintings, this can ruin any wall or the whole look of your living room during a first impression when your guests arrive.



  • Add life into your space and don’t be afraid to mix up with the patterns and different textures, keep in mind the basic rules of decorating with patterns where the maximum combination of patterns you could have would be three, mixing between the small to large scale of each pattern. You might want to check out how the enthusiasts of Maximalist home decor do it!
  • Decorating with paintings involves a little bit of math, you should aim to hang your artwork at eye-level, with at least 2”inches of space between each piece of art.
A few high quality pillows can enhance and round off the look of your sitting area. The neat and linear Ego sofa by Arketipo available at Gudang Malaysia.


  • For pillows, less is more. A few high- quality pillows can make a big impact by enhancing and pulling the overall look of your sitting area together.
  • Mix your high-cost items with the low for an eclectic mix that tells a story about the owner of the home. It also gives you plenty of options to save and to splurge on some really eye-catching deals! If you’re having problems believing us, you can check out how Bohemians decorate their homes here.


5. Paint


Oddly enough, choosing a paint colour is what most people struggle with and most of the times, get wrong. Painting is relatively easy and it should be the last step in your living room decoration to tie up the whole look- which is why choosing the right colour to match your living room’s palette is the most pivotal step.



  • Choose the paint colour first then your furnishings, it’s much easier to repaint a room than choosing a brand new sofa settee and adjoining furnishings.
  • Avoid colours that clash with the vibe and colour palette of the furnishing and art pieces within the room.



  • Match your colour scheme with your living room’s intended vibe be it traditional or contemporary and personalize it according to your preferences. For example, soothing cool colours are great for a living room that’s just intended for your own personal wind down time after a long day or warm colours to carve out an inviting living space to receive guests and loved ones. If you need inspiration, check out some of Renodo’s top picks of colour trends here.


If you feel yourself growing wayward from these rules but feel satisfied with the results, rest easy. Your home is a reflection of you and needs to be right by you, so stick with it!