Frequently Asked Questions

Renodo is an online platform that assist homeowners from interior design, to renovation, to furnishing journey. Renodo aim to bring the best interior knowledge, resources and connection to homeowners, as well as our professional, to create a win-win environment for everyone.
Browse through interior design ideas, find the best interior designer, understand building material available, find the most suitable supplier, online shopping for furniture, read interior related articles.
Renodo has a “project request” feature, you just need to create an interior project of you need, and the related interior professional will provide you with additional information and quote.
Renodo will certified every interior professional before they joining our platform. The check list include, but not limited to, official SSM registration details, directors IC, company situation and direction, customers reviews. Renodo will only bring on board those who can bring the best quality service and resources for our users.
Renodo has 6 sections, “idea gallery”, “interior designer”, “material”, “suppliers”, “shop”, “articles”, and 1 feature “project requests”.
Idea gallery allow user to browse through all the ideas upload by our certified interior designer. Renodo implemented tag function into idea gallery, so that the idea can tell more story than what a usual photo can do. Interior designer can tag specific building material, product, and note to further explain their ideas. User not only can understand the design concept, related ideas, related materials, related products, they can even buy the furniture they see in the idea photo.
Interior designer section list all the interior designer available for our user, and can be filtered by type, style and location. Every certified interior designer in Renodo platform will have their own profile page, which they can display their info, ideas, comment, review and past project.
Material section is a database system to showcase all the building material available for our user, supplier can upload their unique material and sort into Renodo material category, to provide more material option for our user.
Suppliers section list all the interior suppliers available for our user, and can be filtered by type and location. Renodo categories supplier into 3 type, contractor (supplier who provide service), material supplier (supplier who provide material and installation), and product supplier (supplier who provide product). Every certified interior supplier in Renodo platform will have their own profile page, which they can display their info, material, gallery, product, comment, review and past project.
Shop section is an interior product multi vendor marketplace. Renodo shop only sell the products related to interior, included furniture, decor, hardware, and home appliances.
Article section will display all the article related to interior industry, which included deco tips, designer insight, event calendar, idea inspiration, material update, product update, Reno tips and supplier insight.
Just tab the idea or material that you like, there’s a small love shape icon at the bottom part, click on it and the specific idea or material will be saved in your profile.
Go to the professional profile, there’s a follow button right below the professional profile photo, click on it and you will follow the specific professional, after you follow them, you will receive notification if they update their profile.
Yes, you can. Just go to the professional profile, click on the message button below their profile photo. Or if you direct message the professional before, you can go to your message section by clicking your profile icon at the top right section on any page, and click on the “messages”.
No, the professional or other user can’t direct message you unless you already follow their profile, this is to prevent spam advertising message.
Go to your profile page, click the “edit profile” icon at the top right corner, or click the profile icon at the top right corner of the header bar at any page, and choose the “edit profile”.
Go to your edit profile page, choose the “change password” tab right under the account tab section. First key in your current password, after that key in your new password and confirm the password, lastly press the “save” button.